We have an amazing journey we have begun!

                      If you have a talent and see a connection in what we are working on and would like to be involved
sharing your thoughts and talents, then we want to hear from you!

Phase I

  • Build our own facility in Massachusetts (working on).

  • Begin Building Alliances with Employment Organizations - (doing!).

  • Create Jobs for our Special Population - (doing!! 2 positions already!). 

  • Build Company, Corporate, Individual Accounts - (doing!).

  • Build Alliances with other States and affiliations for more locations- (working on).

  • Schedule Travel and Speaking Events - (doing!).

  • Build a proposed Policy for Incentives for Companies to
    hire people with special needs and to present in in Washington (working on).


Phase II

  • Build a Non Profit for Collette's Entrepreneur Program (doing! with the help of Harvard Law Students).

  • Design and Build a 1 day Workshop Program taught by Collette (doing! with the help of The Gopen Fellowship,
    The Institute of Community Inclusion and Allex Salmon).


  • Prepare a Marketing Plan for the Program (working on).


Phase III

  • Build Collette's Travel Calendar for speaking engagements
    and workshop contracts.

  • Open more facilities!

  • Create more and more jobs.

  • Create a Documentary Series for Schools, Organizations,
    Parents, and Teachers to inspire the mind and to understand
    the possibilities not the limitations.


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