Offering mentorship and coaching – dedicated to other families

Rosemary Alfredo, a mother and a
business entrepreneur, raised 3 children, one of which, the eldest,  Collette, 29 years young, born Down Syndrome, who
has come to be known globally, all over the world for her perseverance,
confidence, advocacy and running her own successful business. Rosemary has
started 4 companies from the ground up, scaled them each, and developed strategic
marketing plans for growth and success. When her daughter Collette was born, it
became evident to Rosemary that fighting for her and obtaining what was best
for her would become another business. It was round the clock.

A very determined and passionate
Mom, Rosemary worried daily and worked tirelessly for Collette and how the
world saw her different, and how the teachers and advocates had such low
expectations of her. Rosemary studied child development and recorded baselines,
goals, and achievements for Collette.

She developed yearly curriculums
and ways to make the teachers, aides, and advocate accountable, in order to guarantee
success for Collette. Rosemary prepared the pathway for Collette to achieve the
best life possible for her.

Collette went to college, Clemson
in South Carolina and graduated early, and has been living independently in her
own apartment since 26 years young.  Collette has a roommate, another 29-year young
female who is an architect and sees no difference in Collette.

Collette started her own company
with the help of Rosemary, and now has 15 employees. Collette has become a
global speaker, traveling all over the country to not only motivate and inspire
but she is also determined to break down barriers.

Collette has spoken on the panel
in the UN, she has been seen on all major networks, is publishing a series of
books, and will be featured on a TV reality series in 2020 showing the world
her paralleled life.

Due to a high demand of interest
as to Collette’s path to success, Rosemary is now sharing her strategies and
curriculums with others. Rosemary has started a mentoring coaching program for parents
and is hopeful teachers and advocates will join as well to raise the bar of
thinking within themselves.

Rosemary coaches 4 sessions per
month, one hour each session. Her expertise will be relative to the specific
needs you need to know for your child’s journey. Weekly topics will be
discussed with q&a to ensure you obtain the information you need for your child.

This is a guide written by a Mom who raised a daughter, her first born, with Down Syndrome, and devoted her everyday life into studying and researching every and all options for her daughter. She fought every system that said no, established new opportunities for her daughter as well as other kids, taught teachers and advocates how to write an IEP for LIFE independence, defied a court order in fighting for her daughter’s civil rights and won, designed and built a website to find friends, roommates, life companions, connecting parents and families, and has become an advocate for other families, often being told to please write a book. Her daughter has gone on to become a spokesperson for large venues, casted in a movie with Adam Sandler, acted in a commercial with The NY Mets, won 24 Gold Medals in Special Olympics, started a cookie company, went to Clemson University in South Carolina, and lives independently in Boston Massachusetts working as a K2 Teachers aid. Her daughter Collette is living independently in Boston, is an entrepreneur Collettey’s Llc., growing her company across the United States and hiring people with disabilities. Collette is a keynote speaker and an advocate for young adults with disabilities. She also received 2017 New Englander of The Year and has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, CBS World News, Chronicle, In Touch Magazine, and Women’s World. Keep your eyes open for a Documentary on Collette’s life in 2019, along with a visit to Washington requesting Tax Incentives to companies that employ people with disabilities!